Dear Therapist working in Africa

SASLHA, in conjunction with therapists throughout Africa, has developed this website as a source of information for Speech Therapists and Audiologists. It is part of our broader African Connections Project, which includes a Google-group to allow discussions between members. The aims are:

  • To promote access to professionals working in these fields,
  • Allow members of the public and professionals to have access to the data base for referral purposes,
  • To foster working relationships between academics in these fields at African universities and their colleagues around the world.

We hope that increased information about the professions, employment opportunities, professional resources, enhanced access to professionals and information about NGOs and other support services linked to our professions will increase the access to, and demand for, these services in Africa. This will hopefully lead to greater official recognition of their importance, growth in the professions and easier access to professional services for the African population. As this website is a work in progress, and a collaborative effort by all communication professionals working in Africa, we would appreciate your support in ensuring that the information it contains is relevant, accurate, complete and up to date. We also welcome comments with regards to information youKmart like to find on the website.

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Kind regards,
SASLHA Professional Liaison Portfolio: African Connections Committee